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 Great speakers are confident and exude authenticity and presence.  

They connect with their audience, tell stories and communicate ideas that drive action.  

When done well, it looks like magic.
It isn't.
It's a set of skills that can be learned and mastered.    

Let us show you how.

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"As a senior executive for over 30 years, I have witnessed my fair share of presentation skills workshops.  Without a doubt, none have come close to what Tim and Jack have developed.  It is effective for every level of experience.  I guarantee even the most seasoned presenter can benefit from this training."


thomas d. cairns, phd
former NBC executive

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1-day presentation training

The ability to communicate effectively and inspire teams, partners, and stakeholders to take action is critical to your success and the success of your organization.

1-on-1 coaching
Tailored to your specific presentation needs and learning style.  Overcome stage fright and create dynamic content that accentuates your strengths.  


guest lecture
Let us share our expertise about presentation and presence at your next event.