training & coaching
When time is short and you have a critical presentation to deliver.  
Or when you simply prefer to build your skills in private.  We can help.   

1-on-1 training

This program essentially follows the outline of our group oriented, full-day presentation & presence training.

The difference here is that we work with you in private (in person or via Zoom) at a pace determined by you.

This training can be completed in one day or over several giving as much time and attention as needed to key areas of your development.

The singular focus and high degree of customization of 1-on-1 training makes it hands down the most effective route to mastering the art of presentation.

- new business pitch

- media engagement

- client meeting

- sales meeting

- shareholder meeting

- road show

1-on-1 coaching

Let us collaborate with you or your team to develop the best presentation possible for your audience.

We will help clarify your message, orchestrate the visual story that best gets it across, anticipate potential challenges or difficult questions, and rehearse your responses.

We will review your slides and visuals, streamline and suggest edits as needed.

Lastly, we will rehearse your delivery until your presentation is airtight and fully alive with your natural presence.