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October 18 - 19, 2023

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Hi Everyone,


Thank you again for all of your hard work and camaraderie during the training.  You were a great group and a lot of fun.   


In the coming days, Carolyn and I will schedule a Webex call for us to touch base. I want to hear about your recent big presentations and how you think you did. Also, what stood out to you from the training and what do you plan to focus on?  What did you learn from watching your video? And, then, lastly, let's discuss Next Steps and what y'all can do individually and together to keep growing as presenters and leaders. 


Your individual videos are posted below.  (Password is in the email.)


You are welcome to watch the whole thing straight through of course, but you also don't need to do that.  


It would actually be better that you watch the video strategically by doing the following:  

Schooner Camden, ME
  • Watch "Take One: Baseline Presentation" and then a few minutes of "Take Two: Personal Story."

Notice the difference in your presence between the two takes and how more of your personality, natural charisma, emotional engagement and physicality were expressed when you 1) told a visual story that, 2) flowed chronologically and centered around a dramatic event (something that happened), and that 3) you were emotionally invested in. 

  • Identify one or two physical behaviors and their attendant emotions that if exhibited consistently would enhance your Executive Presence and make you a more engaging and effective presenter.
  • Watch our conversations at the end of "Take 3: The Re-Worked Open" AND THEN go back and watch the take. 

Toggle between our conversations and your presentation until you are really clear on the aspects of your content and presence that we addressed. 

  • Repeat the above step for "Take 4: The 'Entire' Presentation." 
  • My Action Plan (Workbook, p.51). If you haven't done so already, use the Action Plan to write down your skills and strengths as well as the areas that could use improvement. Leverage your strengths and address your weaknesses by practicing throughout the day at work and at home. (We'll talk about how to do this when we speak.) Notice the impact that the changes you make have on yourself and others. You might be surprised!
  • Share your action plan with a manager or one another and schedule regular check-ins to monitor your progress.  This is the grunt work of getting good.  Practice, practice, practice.
  • Going forward, start to pay closer attention to story structure. Listen to the way that your colleagues, friends and family talk about the events of their lives.  Get curious about what makes a successful story.  What makes a story funny, touching, interesting, infuriating, boring, etc.? How did the teller set their story up? How much exposition did they provide before they got into the action?  What details did they include, leave out? How did the person's use of body language, or lack there of, enhance or hinder the telling?
  • On the Vimeo player, each take you did is marked in the "Chapter Menu." So too are our conversations and my feedback. You can easily navigate between your presentation and our conversations by simply selecting the chapter from the menu.
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  • You need to watch the video on this webpage. If you watch it on Vimeo or on your phone you won't have access to the chapters. (I don't know why. It's a Vimeo thing.)
  • Your videos will be available for 6 months and then I will take them down and this page will no longer be available.

Lastly, work your tail off but hold yourself lightly and keep your sense of humor. Let your quest for excellence as a presenter be an extension of your quest to live as fully, joyfully, and relationally as possible.

Be the leaders we all need.

Thanks again for all of your hard work.



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