presentation & presence
1-day training

 classic acting technique    /    brain science    /    storytelling

Through a unique partnering of traditional organization training methodologies with classic acting techniques and story structure, Presentation and Presence is a highly interactive experiential workshop that raises the art of presentation to the level demanded by today's marketplace.

Here is what you can expect...


features  &  benefits

stage fright

-  understand the brain science behind stage fright
-  identify and change self-defeating thoughts and beliefs
-  learn to "reframe" your experience
-  tap resources you may not know you have 
-  de-escalate and conquer your nerves
-  lean in to the challenge of presenting


-  customize your content to a specific audience
-  clarify the action you want them to take
-  identify the benefits
-  open in a way that grabs and holds attention
-  structure your presentation so that it flows
-  keep your audience engaged from start to finish 
-  finish big!

story telling

-  understand the elements of a good story
-  how images and data affect the brain differently
-  tell a story they can "see"
-  be less slide and note dependent
-  entertain as well as educate, inspire, convince, etc.
-  increase audience attention as well as retention of key information 

executive presence

-  executive presence: what it is and how to have it
-  how to present with genuine authenticity and confidence
-  discover your personal style and how to make the most of it
-  end weird hand gestures and awkward body movements
-  never worry about saying "um" again!


-  immediate feedback from instructor
-  collaborative work-through of content trouble spots
-  incorporate direction "on the fly"
-  increase your self confidence
-  gain clarity of your strengths and how to leverage them
-  gain clarity of weaknesses and learn constructive ways to improve
-  learn to give positive, actionable feedback to colleagues so growth continues after training


-  each participant will be emailed a link to their own customized video
-  links are password protected.  Only the participant has access
-  videos include all tapings and facilitator feedback
-  hear and see facilitator feedback you likely missed

-  see for yourself the power of your presence and personal style
-  immediately recognize strengths to be leveraged and old habits to be abandoned
-  take ownership of your executive presence